Salmon is a global commerce service provider that creates epic journeys for the world’s leading brands and the people behind them. With over 25 years of experience helping clients embrace digital change, undertake transformational ecommerce projects, and completely reshape their brand, customer, and professional journeys. With Salmon, clients grow their online revenue and profit. Salmon is trusted to run commerce solutions that generate more than £3 billion in sales each year.


Digital agency providing global commerce solutions.


Hosting sophisticated multi-channel commerce environments.


Rackspace Managed Hosting


The Salmon partnership with Rackspace has enabled them to focus on IT resources for new business development.

"Another key factor in the success of our offering is the hosting partnership we have with Rackspace Hosting. This has played a significant part in our success because of the reliability and unsurpassed technical support offered by the company."

– Richard Bailey, Director of Application Management & Support, Salmon