Prepara is a designer and manufacturer of innovative kitchen utensils and accessories. The company is helmed by two industrial designers, Dean Chapman and Ed Kilduff, whose industrial design consulting firm, the SoHo-based Pollen Design, was founded in 1997.


Designing and manufacturing innovative kitchen gadgets.


With one of their products about to be featured on a popular TV show, the small company needed to prepare for huge traffic to their eCommerce website.


Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Files


A flexible, affordable solution that allowed them to easily handle 150,000 customers an hour.

"Overnight we went from getting moderate traffic, to getting 150,000 hits in an hour. Our ecommerce site scaled beautifully, ensuring that we could not only show off our products, but also sell them. I would recommend the Rackspace Cloud to anyone."

– Ed Kilduff, Co-founder, Prepara