Established in the United Kingdom in 1934, PPL exists to ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work. PPL licenses recorded music played in public or broadcast and then distribute the licence fees to its performer and recording right holder members. Overseen by an elected board of directors from within the music industry and an executive management team with a varied range of experience, PPL has a strong corporate governance structure and is accountable to its members and licensees.


PPL works with governments and industry bodies to manage the rights of its members and ensure appropriate remuneration for music use.


PPL computing needs were very complex. Secure, dedicated servers running a loosely coupled mix of Oracle and SQL Server-based applications.


Rackspace Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers running a mix of Oracle and SQL Server -based applications.


PPl has been upgraded to meet the future of music licensing.

"We now have the stable foundation for managed growth and know we can rely on Rackspace totally for the delivery and support of new project as they arise."

– Mark Douglas, Chief Technology Officer, PPL