MindSnacks, founded in San Francisco in May 2010, is a platform of language-learning games designed for touch screen devices. Traditionally, much of language instruction has used old-school methods like flashcards and rote memorization. “We wanted to be the opposite of that,” said Jesse Pickard, co-founder and CEO at MindSnacks. In early 2011, MindSnacks launched iPhone apps for learning Spanish, French and Italian.


A platform of educational games for touch-screen devices.


Finding a reliable, flexible hosting solution that can grow with the company.


Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Databases, Cloud Block Storage


The company can quickly deploy their apps; their games are optimized for App Store success; they can stay focused on their core business.

"With Rackspace, being able to have somebody else deal with all the backups, all the scalability, all the uptime issues – and all you have to do is just deploy your product? That’s just amazing. It’s beautiful."

– Karl Stenerud, Co-founder, MindSnacks