HYPE Innovation

HYPE Innovation is a global leader in enterprise social software for idea and innovation management, with over 13 years of project experience and best-practice expertise, and clients around the globe. Their powerful software provides the backbone for innovation and helps drive long-term repeatable success for clients. The flexible, enterprise-class software platform enhances ideation with employees and opens innovation in a smart, secure environment to partners, suppliers, customers, and the external community.


HYPE Innovation’s powerful platform allows organizations to engage thousands of employees in idea generation and collaborative problem solving, offering products, deep expertise in innovation management, and a long history of success with some of the largest organizations in the world.


As many of HYPE customer base chooses to run their software externally, reliability was a key consideration when selecting a hosting provider who could deliver a professional and flexible hosting solution plus a high level of compliance and security.


Rackspace Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers                                                                


From its strong foundation, HYPE Innovation plans to expand both their hosting and software businesses and Rackspace will be their partner in this.

"Rackspace delivers on all counts. They give us the ability to offer our clients both dedicated and cloud installations to meet the individual needs of their business case."

– Christian Feddern, Head of IT, HYPE Innovation