eBay Inc. believes it is providing the answer through X.commerce, eBay’s open commerce ecosystem. The X.commerce ecosystem offers a complete collection of third party commerce capabilities as well as a wide range of technology assets from the eBay portfolio such as technologies from the eBay Marketplaces division, payments provider PayPal, open source eCommerce platform Magento, and the online marketing and commerce services provided by GSI Commerce. Through the ecosystem of developers, partners and tools, merchants now have the ability to quickly implement new technologies for a complete end-to-end commerce experience that allows them to rapidly scale and grow their businesses.


X.commerce brings together the technology assets and developer communities of eBay, PayPal and Magento to support eBay Inc.’s mission of enabling commerce.


Build a robust, scalable, and agile cloud infrastructure that would be able to manageably grow to meet the demands its merchant and developer communities eventually will require.


Rackspace Private Cloud, powered by OpenStack


Faster feature development and deployment, code changes remain compatible with implementation, and new X.commerce features and enhancements can be added with minimal service interruption.

Our entire environment must be on-demand. When a merchant or developer checks in code, the idea is to quickly move those applications into production. That means the underlying infrastructure must be able to expand as needed…

Venkata Yella, Cloud Engineering Lead - X.commerce

One of the aspects we appreciate about working with Rackspace is that they can keep up with our development team.

Venkata Yella, Cloud Engineering Lead - X.commerce