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Visit Britain

The United Kingdom’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games focussed the world’s attention not only on the wonderful sporting spectacular, but also on the huge potential for increasing worldwide interest in travel and tourism in the United Kingdom.


VisitBritain is the national tourism agency responsible for marketing Britain worldwide and developing Britain’s visitor economy.


A failsafe hosting solution that could cope with massive spikes and public demand.


Rackspace Managed Cloud


Massive success of the Visit Britain site before and during the Olympic Games 2012.

The VisitBritain website is hosted by Rackspace UK and the firm’s Fanatical Support was a major element and deciding factor in terms of why this project worked properly – given the fact that this work was carried out in advance of the London 2012 Olympics, a high degree of trust and support excellence was needed.

Ian Takats, Head of IT, VisitBritain/VisitEngland

The Rackspace team has been proactive, methodical and capable in terms of technical product deliver which has had a significant impact on the success of Visit Britain.

Ian Takats, Head of IT, VisitBritain/VisitEngland