Founded 23 years ago, Salmon is a highly innovative ecommerce digital agency, with an ‘on-time, on-budget’ approach to the design, development, implementation and management of complex commerce based projects. Salmon’s services are increasingly embraced by the leading names in United Kingdom retail, manufacturing and wholesale markets.

Customer’s Business:

Salmon is a global systems integrator that employs over 200 people in the UK and specialises in developing and supporting integrated eCommerce and e-Insurance solutions


Bringing customers to market with very short lead times

Rackspace Solution:

Through joint R&D investment with Salmon Rackspace has been able to develop a state of the art pre-production environment for potential eCommerce clients, as well as specific processes that streamline the time to market of the solutions designed, built and supported.

Business Outcome:

Rapid results for ecommerce customers

The everyday ability to bring new servers on line in a few hours and to offer practical support and technical intervention before problems occur, that makes Rackspace stand out as the world’s most successful business hosting company, and the perfect commercial hosting partner.

Richard Bailey, Director of Application Management and Support, Salmon