Raileasy is a National Rail accredited internet retail booking engine, helping travellers find the best fare for them whether this is the cheapest ticket or the most flexible. Raileasy is here to help you make the very most of rail travel, whether you are a business traveller, a student, a tourist, a senior citizen or somebody who just likes travelling on trains. Raileasy offer you a one-stop-shop for your travel needs around the United Kingdom.

Customer’s Business:

Online booking site for trains and other linked transport embracing ferries, buses, metros and the London underground.


Unreliable co-located hosting and the need for PCI compliance necessitated urgent change to prevent business failure

Rackspace Solution:

Five collocated devices through which Raileasy communicates with other databases, three routers, four web servers, six database servers, two application servers and a further eight virtual machines for test and development. A storage area network (SAN) with four load balancers and dual firewalls to secure everything. Rackspace supports the entire system and is on hand 24-hours a day to guarantee full protection and uptime. Cloud servers and RackConnect® to increase flexibility.

Business Outcome:

Fully expandable hosting solution for reliability and growth

From the very outset, the Rackspace technical specialists helped us specify our system to meet critical traffic levels and implement everything to facilitate linking to the many independent databases from which we pull booking information.

Michael Page, IT Manager, Raileasy