InferMed and NHS Direct

Since 1999 InferMed has developed its Arezzo technology to support best practice in medicine in three main market sectors – regional and national health services, general practitioner practices, and clinical trials with MACRO Electronic Data Capture, Europe’s leading electronic data capture and reporting software tool. InferMed is passionate about delivering solutions for the improvement of patient care and with Arezzo and MACRO.

Customer’s Business :

On-line medical self-assessment tools and software


Ultra secure website for medical diagnosis with up to 780,000 visitors per month

Rackspace Solution:

Fully managed intensive server package conforming ISO 27001 certification and SAS 70 Type II audited hosting facilities. For the InferMed solution with NHS Direct, Rackspace has also facilitated a direct link to the secure NHS N3 network, which provides access to all NHS sites and patient records.

Business Outcome:

Huge saving for the National Health Service. InferMed is helping the NHS deliver a broader, more efficient service to a greater number of people at a considerably lower cost

The intensive hosting package from Rackspace has proven to be remarkably cost-effective, and I certainly intend to partner with Rackspace in the future to meet the hosting needs of similar solutions in the UK and throughout the world.

Duane Lawrence, CEO of InferMed Limited