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Haymarket Publishing

Haymarket has always prided itself on being a highly creative business, with an unrelenting focus on the quality of our products and our people for over a half a century. The company’s philosophy has always been quite simple: only by having the highest quality individuals can you produce the highest quality products, combining the best in content, design, production and customer services.


Traditional and Online Publisher


Making the transition to online publishing


Rackspace Public Cloud, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, RackConnect


Public cloud technology; creating and testing new sites on a regular basis. The websites have become genuine extensions to conventional publishing, allowing the company to deliver video, up to the minute news and total interaction with customers and readership.

Today the managed public cloud offering from Rackspace has proven to be an inspired solution. It is cheap, instant and highly flexible. We can create new instances and servers at will; accommodate a variety of platforms and operating systems, and thoroughly test out concepts on the correct platform rather than invest in a huge bespoke infrastructure first.

Clive Wright, Internet Operations Team Leader, Haymarket Publishing

The Rackspace Managed Hosting solution was a perfect match for our business and gave us the very best fit for our needs.

Clive Wright, Internet Operations Team Leader, Haymarket Publishing