Global Personals

Founded in 2003, Global Personals has grown to become a portfolio of over 11,000 diverse and popular sites with annualized revenues in excess of $74M. They are a major player in the world of online dating and a key driver in the growth of social discovery networks, enabling people to make friends online and meet them in real life. With offices in the United States, Europe, and Australia, Global Personals enjoys global reach.

Customer’s Business:

Online dating and social discovery businesses


Dealing with 200,000,000 hits per month

Rackspace Solution:

Managed hosting combined with Cloud using RackConnect® technology

Business Outcome:

Highly successful growing business with 750 dating websites

Rackspace has helped us grow from £0 to £36 million annualised revenue in just over eight years, and we now boast more than 70 managed servers and supporting devices in their secure datacenters.

Barry Frost, Managing Director, Global Personals