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Beyond Diet

Isabel De Los Rios and Jeff Siegel founded Live Smart Solutions in 2008. Live Smart is a diet and nutrition company whose core business is a program to help people lose weight through diet and exercise. Live Smart has also created a social network called Beyond Diet, where customers can interact with each other and support one another as they transition into a healthier way of life. The company promotes a healthy lifestyle with educational books, videos, audio, and the site


E-commerce site offering diet and health solutions


Handling lots of traffic with flexibility, reliability, and support


Cloud Servers with a Managed Service Level, including Cloud Files for back up and Cloud Load Balancers


As their sites scale to handle traffic with ease, they are able to grow their business and revenue at a rapid pace

Our sites get about a million hits a day, so load balancing is vital to keeping our business up and running. With Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers, we know we have a reliable platform, and it’s a big cost savings, too. The load balancers are definitely handling a lot—we’ve had no problems, and they’re scaling beyond what we can imagine.

Rob Volk, Chief Technology Officer, Live Smart Solutions

Because we use Cloud Servers with a managed service level, Rackspace is helping with our Linux and Windows support. They’ll make our changes as we need them, and respond to any issue, 24 hours a day. Within minutes, an engineer will log on to fix the problem.

Rob Volk, Chief Technology Officer, Live Smart Solutions