The founders of AppRiver had a powerful solution for identifying and filtering spam and virus-laden email messages for business customers. But they wanted to be in the business of managing and delivering their service, not managing and maintaining the servers supporting the service. They knew that Rackspace could provide the core services they needed to support their business model—and that by outsourcing their hosting to Rackspace they could focus on building their business and supporting their customers. Today, AppRiver’s focus has not shifted: It has built its business to the point where it filters as many as one billion mail messages per day for more than 40,000 customers around the world—and it relies on Rackspace to manage the more than 500 servers that keep its antispam and antivirus filters running around the clock.


Enterprise Email and Web Security SaaS Provider


Keep operating costs low – focus on core business & network uptime


Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Network gear, Load Balancers, Advanced Monitoring


Continued growth with low operating costs

The proactive approach that Rackspace takes to managing our servers is an incredible benefit.

Joel Smith, CTO, AppRiver

By outsourcing our infrastructure to Rackspace, we are able to meet the needs of our continually increasing customer base without changing our cost structure or sacrificing performance.

Michael Murdoch, President & CEO, AppRiver