CINC was founded in 2011 by Duane Legate, on the encouragement of some of the nations top real estate brokers and mega-team leaders. The company provides brokers and sellers with the tools to increase the quality and quantity of buyer leads and effectively manage those leads through their innovative agent software and data capture platform.


CINC provides real estate brokers and sellers with a SaaS-based toolset designed to increase the quality and quantity of buyer leads.


CINC needed to focus its technical resources on application development, not managing and optimizing infrastructure.


Rackspace Hybrid Hosting, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Load Balancers, RackConnect


CINC can focus on building software for brokers and agents, while Rackspace takes care of the infrastructure.

"You can trust that when it comes to Windows, Rackspace knows their stuff."

– Matthew Swanson, Chief Software Architect, CINC