Displaying information in a more elegant and visual manner makes terrific business sense, and also lends presenters with distinct advantages. When San Francisco-based Chartio launched in 2010, the cloud-based data visualization platform and self-service business intelligence tool set out to change the way the world looks at data.  Ecommerce clientele from a variety of industries currently dominate the customer roster for the SaaS-based offering.


Chartio is building the best visualization interface for data, letting users communicate business intelligence in a more compelling way.


Designing and implementing a reliable platform that supports their rapidly expanding base of eCommerce and Saas-based clientele.


Dedicated and Cloud Servers with Managed Service Level, Cloud Files, Cloud Load Balancers


Rackspace helps ensure that Chartio’s offerings are always available, providing a consistent experience for their customers.

"From the start, Chartio has been a part of the Rackspace Startup Program. It opened up the doors [for us] to get a lot of advice from the executives and other people inside of Rackspace. It’s been a really great community."

– Dave Fowler, Founder and CEO, Chartio